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November 12, 2010:
New website and layout finished and uploaded. Hope you like it. Don't forget to check out our GuestBook and the Poets Corner.


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A Celebration of the Lives of Our Children, who touched our souls so deeply. Balloon releases are commonly used, and can be an environmentally safe way of memorializing and remembering our loved ones who have gone before us. is a site dedicated to survivors of child-loss. Information, memorial events, poems, links and more to help grieving parents in an Online support group. We support environmentally friendly biodegradable balloon releases and butterfly release events.Balloon Release child angel

Then the child opened its eyes, and looked up into the angel's beautiful face, which beamed with happiness, and at the same moment they were in heaven, where joy and bliss reigned. The child received wings like the other angel, and they flew about together, hand in hand.

Hans Christian Andersen. has great information and tips for celebrating the lives of loved ones lost too soon.

Grief and anxiety can remove you from the life you deserve and were meant to have - one filled with joy, laughter, and fun. If there is just one thing that you remember from our information and links, we hope it is that there are others out there like you and that each new day brings a chance to meet, learn and heal with them.

Honoring a loved one that has passed away should be a respectful and proud declaration to them with loving conviction. While grief and mourning are a part of the rememberance and healing process, family and friends are a solid path and it should bear no anxiety.

Additional thanks to the many grief therapists who are holding the hands of these mourning souls, through the most unthinkable of life's difficulties.

Balloon Releases: Environmental Fact or Fiction?

biodegradable balloon releasesGet all the information for biodegradable balloons and environmentally safe/friendly balloon releases in our FAQs.

Know the laws and limitations on releasing balloons and their photodegradability. Some great tips and ideas for your upcoming events and memorials.

Balloon Release angel childSee the Awards and recognition that has received in it's over 8 years of operation helping grieving parents and children. Star has honored us with an Inspirational Award in our quest to help bereaved parents, grandparents or siblings struggling to rebuild their lives after the death of a loved one.

Time has shown that in sharing and caring comes healing.
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